Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Almost There

I dozed for just a moment on mom's shoulder, but neither of us could really sleep. We ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Part Too Many, each of us with one earbud in using my jack. Ironic movie,  given that my treasure a few hours ago was returned in a cab called "Black Pearl". Mom keeps trying to touch my camera, now that she knows I'm sensitive about it. She's worse than a little lid, cracking herself up, poking my camera bag.  

I just opened the window shade to see light on the horizon. We're somewhere over France, past Paris, watching the sun come up on another continent. We can see mountains in the distance, backlit by the most vibrant orange color, with specs of light on the ground clustered around towns. They're preparing breakfast in the galley, which is confusing my body, guided by senses that know it's just after midnight back home. My body is rejecting all the carb-rich food. I want vegetables. We're plan to go grocery shopping on the way to Massa Lubrense, the first place on our great Italian tour.

We should be on the ground in an hour. 

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