Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Molto Bene

Dear David,

I've been thinking about you for weeks, daydreaming about being in the same room as you. I just can't seem to get you off my mind. People told me over and over that you would be much bigger than I imagined, but I have to tell you, I wasn't prepared for today... to see you in all your glory. 

With your muscles rippling in the sun, I traced the veins in your hands with my eyes, taking in every inch of you. Thick locks of hair, tousled, make me want to run my fingers through. A body so firm, I could bounce quarters off your abdominals. And what can I say about that butt? It is the most beautifully sculpted piece of "art" I have ever laid my eyes on.

I'm not disappointed. How could I be? You are perfection incarnate. 

I love you. 


PS... It's a little disturbing to me that my mom is also in love with you. Perhaps excellent taste in men runs in the family.

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