Monday, September 12, 2011

Dove Trevi Fountain?

We arrived in Rome late, but totally lucked out with a great taxi driver who quotes us a price of 20 euros, then charges is half. This is after grilling me about my marital status, then proposing marriage when he discovered I am not married. Lady Ana meets us at the apartment. She is lovely, but speaks absolutely zero English. I have a lot of fun, though, figuring out what she is saying and am able to understand some things mom is not. Its very similar to Spanish... plus, I'm good at charades.

The place is amazing. Fourth floor, which is terrifying for a moment until I see the elevators. Great balcony, great location. It is just perfect. Mom is beat, but I'm anxious to go out. I unpack a bit then set out around 11:00 pm. I think she's nervous for me to go. I am at first as well. Strange city, single girl out alone. But then I accidentally run in to the Trevi Fountain. Yes, accidentally. Mother of God... what an awesome accident. I'm just wandering down the street hoping that I might find an Internet cafe and some gelato -- not to mention my way back home -- as I admiring the beautiful statues, buildings and fountains I am passing. I am still completely surprised when all of the sudden, I round a corner, and there it is in all it's glory. Stunning... an entire wall of fountain. It is brilliant.

Now, I could stay here typing to you at this Internet cafe where the waiter is mercilessly throwing himself at my feet (apparently, Rome will be quite different in that regard than the south of Italy), or... I could meander back and stare at this monstrous feat of architectural engineering and expert craftsmanship. What do you think I should do?

I wish it was a harder decision. Ciao!

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