Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm sorry, Earl -- this just isn't working out...

Well, what should I wear today? My jeans, maybe? Oh wait... They are still wet from the three hours they were in the washing machine last night. Very clean, but very wet. Thankfully, mom's pants are dry and she offers me her skirt. I'm so happy to be wearing something different. I picked up a tank top in Naples yesterday that matches my shoes (you're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you), and paired with my sparkly new wonder woman wrist cuff from Sorrento (yes -- I AM a crow), I look pretty cute. Okay. I looked cute the other days, too. Particularly cute? 

We took a different route to the bus today since ere is only ONE bus that picks up or drops off at Bivio Tigliano, a stop near our place, on the way too and from Amalfi each day. Lucia told us how to get to the other stop, which includes a stairway to heaven and a bunch of narrow corridors. And choices. I make a wrong choice. Or three. I can hear mom huffing and puffing behind me and know all we can do is press on. One bus, remember? 

It doesn't make me feel good. At all. I feel like a heel.

Chin up. We are heading to Positano, Ravello and Amalfi today. Really looking forward to this. I'm still dying to do a Vespa ride on the Amalfi Coast, but I think my mother would disown me. Just being on the bus may kill her. She is terrified of heights. Ironically, it seems more terrified of me being near them. I remember dragging her along so I could go bungee jumping a few years back. I jumped. She screamed.

I have to admit, I'm giggling a bit remembering it.

Ciao. The bus is coming.

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